Reflective Essay On Water Bottles

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If any given person were to walk into my dorm room they most likely wouldn't be too impressed with it. The one item that would stand out the most is water bottles. I have close to a case of empty water bottles just sitting around my desk, my nightstand, and piled up in the recycling bin. I refill each water bottle about 2 to 3 times after drinking one but now I’m all out and refuse to buy another case of water bottles. I never realized how harmful they are too the environment until this class. Never had I realized how much unnecessary waste I contribute into our environment and it’s time for me to start finding positive alternatives. I have been using water bottles for as long as I can remember. In high school I would take about two or three water bottles a day, which was absurd now that I look back on it. If had known how harmful they are to the environment I most likely would've stopped using water bottles many years ago. I was pretty annoyed with myself when I found out that around less than 20% of water bottles are actually fully recycled and that I have just been carelessly using them all my life. After the first week of class I called my parents and asked if they could send me some money so I could buy a Hydro Flask, which is made of stainless steel. My father didn't understand why I needed such an expensive alternative when water bottles are so much cheaper. I was not going to keep bugging him to buy me one since he spends so much money on my tuition and everything
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