Reflective Essay

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Introspection is an important activity that adults should take time to do. I find myself thinking more about the world and others than I do about myself. This activity is beneficial as it helped me do some self-reflection prior to taking any assessments to confirm or reveal who I am. I think of myself as a hands-on learner. I like to process information in pieces because I like to analyze one puzzle piece at a time so that I can have a better understanding of the ‘big picture.’ My temperament at work and home are slightly different. At work I am more patient and diplomatic. I think that my emotional intelligence is higher than those around me. In my personal life, I find that I am less gracious towards those around me. Perhaps it’s because I expect much more from family than co-workers or direct reports. My leadership style is participative. I really enjoy collaborating with others and including direct reports in the decision making process as they add value to the decisions made. At the same time I know that if I am passionate about something, I will dig my heels deep and help others understand why the course of action I am recommending is the best one. I like to communicate in person. There is something significant about face to face communication. However, email is necessary for sharing detailed information such as system processes or policy changes. I thoroughly enjoy developing others and helping them achieve their goals. The two required instruments: Myers Briggs

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