Reflective Essay Reflection

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Coming into college I had only taken one advanced placement course in high school that had somewhat prepared me for the writing we would be working on in this class. I took AP Language in eleventh grade and I believe it helped me create solid argumentative essays at that time, however, I do not believe that course actually taught me how to properly write an essay. Coming into this class I thought this course would be overwhelming and I would not be able to keep up with the workload along with the standards of these essays. Yet, this class actually helped me learn how to write an essay for example, what belongs in the introduction as well as the conclusion. My view towards this class has not changed much since first entering college, however, I did learn this course was a lot more beneficial than I originally thought it would be. In the beginning of the semester, it was clear this course would teach me step by step on how to write an essay. I’ve learned the importance of putting a “they say” along with an “I say” in the introductory paragraph as it makes the essay easier to follow through. For example, in my first essay, I was not clear with the position I was arguing against I was instead just arguing my side. However, once I rewrote the essay for the second time and re-read the first one, it was obvious that it is easier for the reader to follow what they are reading when there is both a “they” and “I say” in the very beginning of the essay instead of only one. This also
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