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Reflective Commentary Essay It is an essential learning tool to stop and examine one’s practice every so often to ascertain objectives met, the challenges encountered and why, learning obtained, as well as how to improve subsequently (Knott, and Scragg, 2010). As a practitioner, it can be easy to lose sight of what service users feel about their situation, the impact of our interaction with them, as we focus on proceduralised responses and desired outcomes (Warren, 2001). Reflective practice remains a key factor in the sustainability of a relationship-based practice (Ruch, 2005). However, our choice of communication skills, in building this relationship with a service user is very vital as this could either promote it or raise the barrier, bearing in mind that spoken words are usually supplemented by unspoken expressions. (Dunk-West, 2013). Being in the shoes of the service user in the role play was a great learning tool which enabled me to feel first-hand the challenges service users face although, this was only “a tip of an iceberg” (Sutton, 1998). Bearing in mind that service users are already vulnerable, to have to go through series of questions before I could get help made me feel even more powerless (Graham, 2007) and resulted in my being defensive, as I was entirely unsure of the professional’s point of view at this stage, whether I am being judge or not (Taylor, 2011). It is a very hard experience to have to open up raw emotions again and again to
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