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Reflective Introduction Transferring What I Know Reflecting back on my experiences from my Writing 39C (and Writing 39B) class, I can acknowledge the changes and evolution in myself as a writer. In my Week 1 Self-Assessment, which was written at the beginning of the Writing 39C course in reflection to Writing 39B, I mentioned that one of my central strategies in my writing process is focusing on the pre-writing. My pre-writing process includes strategies such as brainstorming and outlining. I mentioned in the self-assessment that I would “pick up the strategies I have learned and continue to use them in the course of Writing 39C”. With that, I carried the strategy of pre-writing over to Writing 39C knowing that research papers would require a plenty amount of pre-writing. A method commonly used in research papers that I have gained experience in from this course is creating annotated bibliographies which I would consider a part of the pre-writing process. Annotated bibliographies assisted me in my writing significantly by helping me feel better prepared and giving me groundwork for starting my research paper. One habit of mine that changed when it comes to researching involves finding appropriate sources. In prior papers, before taking Writing 39C, I used sources I was uncertain were considered reliable sources which hindered my credibility as a writer. Fortunately, through the workshop/lecture my peers and I got to participate in, while we were in the process of writing

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