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Reflective Self-Introduction

In the Book of Jeremiah chapter 31, verse 3, God dialogued with Jeremiah: “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” I believe that God created me and called me by name Vũ Đỗ (through my parents) because of that “everlasting love.” I am called to be baptized in the name of the Blessed Holy Trinity and to carry God’s mission as the disciple of the Word.
In the family of seven members, we all practice Catholic faith faithfully and keep our tradition seriously but I see that my call is unique. All of my siblings are having their own wonderful families; meanwhile, I choose to be with my religious family, my Society of the Divine Word, to be a missionary. My friend often ask me that why I am choosing a narrow way. I respond to them that why this way is narrow. God who gives us all what God has created and blessed by the divine mighty hands. We humanity see the call of following God small/narrow because our heart and mind are not big enough to recognize God’s abundant blessings. I have a precious call from God and this understanding values my Christian identity. The same God who created me in my mother’s womb, renewed me in baptism, now guiding me in my vocation. I am blessed.
I am blessed because of the seed of hope in me. I possess this hope because of the massive sufferings of my ancestors during 1130-year war, poverty, persecution, and injustice. My people and I have gained this hope to stand up continuously with our 117 Vietnamese Martyrs, the

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