Reflective Essay : Reflective Self Portrait

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Reflective Self-Portrait Core values are portrayed through the actions of an individual and are formed depending on their past personal experiences. They can be shaped through interactions with friends, family, social media, and religion. This paper will allow me to reflect on three of my main core values and how they came to be incorporated into my life through basic self-reflection of past events and discussions with influential people. My core values include: family, compassion, and integrity. Growing up as a child I have always been taught by my parents to act in a certain manner. I never realized how important their advice was until I experienced an incident during my adolescent years. Some of my past experiences have made me realize…show more content…
Through these little actions, he made me appreciate the time spent with my family and has taught me to never take my family for granted. My family has always expressed interest in my wellbeing and that is why I always find time to fit them into my busy schedule. My parents have always taught me about honesty. My father would get very mad at me when I would lie to him and he expressed his anger by ignoring me for a couple of days. He used to always tell me that the one thing he hated the most, is when someone would lie to him. I hated the feeling of my father being upset with me so I would always try my best not to lie to him. While riding the bus one morning, I discovered a wallet in the seat next to me. Instead of giving the wallet to the bus driver, I decided to keep it. I went home that day and went through the wallet to see what I could find. Beneath all of the cards, I found a hundred dollar bill. I kept the money and decided to contact the owner of the wallet to tell them that I had found their wallet. Days had passed and I couldn’t get rid of this guilty feeling I had inside of me. I told my father because I couldn’t live with the thought of what I had done. He made me own up to my mistake and told me to return the money back to its original owner. After doing so, I felt so relieved and told myself that I would never do such a thing again. After that incident, I never
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