Reflective Essay: The 2016 Saber Baseball Team

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When we beat Vinton Shellsburg 6 to 5 in the substate final, I thought the feeling of finally making it was the best I’ve ever had. I was wrong. Making it to state brought the 2016 Saber baseball team team closer than ever before, to something we didn’t even know was possible. We spent everyday together having team bonding. An outpouring of support from the community was followed by an insane amount of news coverage. News vans would record practices, and after multiple players would be interviewed. Articles were written, and a multitude of "good lucks" were sent our way. We hadn't even gotten to Des Moines yet.
The support this community gave its students felt unreal. The day of our state game, they sent us off from an atrium -- jam-packed full of parents, relatives, community members, and fellow students. The fire department
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Our sixth seed team was up to bat against third seed Carlisle. Everyone was nervous, but equally as anxious to play at the greatest ballpark in the state. The feeling of being at home plate of Principal Park was one I will never forget. Looking up to myself on the big screen with the capitol building in the distance, while being surrounded by a sea of gold in the stands was so surreal. It was the fifth inning, and we were up 5-0. Ask anybody on the team at that point, and they would all tell you it was over. We all got comfortable with such a lead, and it came back to haunt us. Carlisle was the best hitting teams that year, and they proved it. In back to back innings they brought in 4 runs, and before we knew it we were down 8-5. We refused to give up, we had worked so hard to get to this point we weren't quitting yet. We put up a couple more runs in the seventh inning, but not enough. We lost that first Saber baseball game at Principal Park in six years, 8-7. It was the worst feeling in the world, knowing we were so close to advancing and getting to stay for the whole
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