Reflective Essay: The American Court System

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My general reaction to this article is: I cannot believe the American court system can be so racially bias toward the people it serves. Before reading about Brock Turner and Corey Batey I thought the court systems were a form of equal justice for all. Now that I have read the article I can tell that court systems are not always fair for all people. I believe that these two case comparisons, the Brock Turner and Corey Batey case, are a prime examples of the unfair treatment that many court systems across the nation take part in. Shocking deaths like the one seen on the national news in Ferguson have awaken more of the American people to the unequal treatment and targeting by law enforcement to minority groups. It is not just in this particular area that these men were arrested that cases like these take place. Unfair treatment happens throughout our nation today. One example of minority ethnicities being mistreated is if you are a Russian living inside the United States you might be more likely to be thought of as a hacker. Also if you are a Mexican and you get in a fight at school you could be more likely…show more content…
I also read that 1,640 children dyed in the United States in 2012 from abuse and neglect. 1,640 children is a significant amount of child abuse that took place in 2012. I have not faced many situations that I classify as Child maltreatment. I have heard true stories about of children that have been slapped by a teacher that I use to have while attending middle school. Reading about child maltreatment opens my eyes and makes me more aware of many maltreatment experiences that children sometimes are forced to face. If I am ever a parent someday I would find a way to be non-abusive to my kids. If I ever became angry with my future child or children, I would find a healthy way of outputting or suppressing my anger. I would want to be a good parent because I would want the best life possible for my future child or
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