Reflective Essay: The Art Of Stereotypes

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A ding sounded overhead signaling that they were able to move freely around the cabin. The nose was followed by the movement of several other rushing to the laboratory. Thea looked at the woman sitting next to her, on her phone looking at cat photos. “You’ll see Punkin’ and Mochi in an hour, stop worrying.” Chris looked over, pouting in her general direction, “I need my kitty snuggles. You don’t understand.” Thea deadpanned, “Those are my cats! I adopted them first.” Laughing, Chris turned back to her photos. Swiping through photos, Chris looked through smiling at their new found memories, Thea resting her head on Chris’s shoulder and watching along with her. Together they looked as they went through beach photos, studying them before moving on to the next. This one, Chris was wearing her blue bikini and dark grey board shorts while Thea was wearing a white embroidered bikini. The purple braids were cascading down her shoulders while Chris’s red hair came to her ears. She now noted the differences between both of them, Chris being a pasty, skinny redhead while Thea was a curvy short mixed girl.…show more content…
In this picture, Punkin’ was stretched out on Thea’s legs while Mochi laid on her chest. A smile was plastered across her face as the warmth of the cats spread throughout her body. In the next they were at Disneyland in matching ears. Another smile plastered across both of their faces. Swiping left, a picture came into view of them holding hands on another beach. Another picture consisting of both of their parents in the front row of the pews. Crying as much as both of the girls were that day. Picture after picture they looked through, laughing at their cat's strange positions and smiling at their strange expressions. Picture after picture they shuffled through, tearing up at their wedding photos, the couple in matching dresses. Another picture came and another picture went and so did their laughs and so did their
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