Reflective Essay: The Most Important Steps In My Writing Process

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I tend to devote the most time to this step. Especially for grad program with extensive research, lots of research. Searching for resources and reading the references. Then, putting thoughts together and organizing them in the outline. Making introduction, stating the thesis, supporting text body and concluding the paper. Paying attention to detail and patience in this step does make it easier for me further in the process.
I enjoy this step the most. When following the outline, I complete this stage with minimal writer’s block. The resources provide thoughts and all the prep creates an easy flow. I usually put on a nice music, old R&B is my choice, and try to have fun with it. I think the attitude at this stage somehow resonates in my writing and readers can sense it reading your work. Few things I keep in mind; to be as clear and as specific as possible; making words count; sticking with the facts; structure sentences at this stage to lessen revising later; trying to connect with readers. When complete, I put the draft aside to give myself an objective evaluation later.
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I tend to overthink and to over analyze things. When revising drafts, I look closely at proper formatting, grammar, and clarity. Sometimes I rewrite thesis, over thinking sentences and at times change out an entire paragraph. Once in a while, I will scrap an entire draft and start over. To avoid this, I refer back to basics. Years back, when I started my undergrad, my old friend who obtained a degree in Physics, shared a book called “Mastering Your Ph.D.”. I made a mistake not reading it earlier. In this book, authors Gosling P. & Noordam B. (2006), describe Occam's Razor principle and how it is used as a scientific method to keep things simple (pp. 31–32). As a guide, this principle helped me with my writing and in problem-solving. I trim all unnecessary information from my draft, avoid been redundant and eliminating run-on sentences and
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