Reflective Essay: The Role Of Communication In Support Groups

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This is one of the pictures that images that really speak to me. There are people in this photo who remind me of people i know, and some i've lost. The use of a group shows how the one in 100s stand together to help themselves and others. The messages show a maturity to accept responsibilities, humility in knowing they were lost, and strength in doing something positive about all that. This conveys a few points, such as unity and finding strength among others. You can see that the majority of their signs say we, this shows a degree of comradery and all being together shows support for one another. We can also take a perspective from the differing looks in their eyes and the differing expressions on their faces. You can see happy and sad,…show more content…
Even if it was not intentional, it is still very meaningful. All of these reactions can occur when we are put in difficult situations. If you don't have a strong support group, those emotions can overtake…show more content…
But their signs, their hopes, those are what we all strive for. We all have dreams and goals and we all want to do something with those aspirations, but sometimes there are obstacles. They way i relate most to this is, with the help of those around me i have been able to overcome those things. This is what these young men are doing. The caption said these are all in a youth correctional facility. While in there they are all training to become barbers. That, i assume, will only be a start. These individuals seem like they will continue to grow the bond they share. I believe they will find ways to give back to the community. Some may reach out to troubled youth in order to help prevent others from making their same mistakes. Others may volunteer and try to help build their communities, starting with those in dire need of help. Being a barber is a great start, but I don't think they will all continue with that profession. I believe some of them will move on to serve in law enforcement or the military, i believe some will become teachers and some may even learn a new trade skill and enjoy life repair whatever they can. They will continue to learn, grow and find themselves and i believe they will all thrive in life with their second
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