Reflective Essay: The Sport Of Softball

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Softball is a sport that I have played for nine years. I started playing when I was nine years old. Over the course of those past ten years, I played at three different leagues. I started off playing at a city league called Montgomery American where I played for four years. Afterwards I started playing school ball at the school I was attending which was Montgomery Catholic Preparatory High School. I played school ball from seventh grade until I graduated. During the summer leading up to college, I played summer ball for this other city league called Montgomery Gray where I played for only two years. Playing on the teams with these three different leagues were completely different from each other. What was mainly different was the coaching.…show more content…
So, one week before my team and I started practicing, I decided that I wanted to finish strong this season meaning I had two goals that I wanted to achieve before the season ended. Those two goals were to hit the ball over the fence and to get my hitting average up to a .700. At that time my average was only a .669. When the season finally started the coaches held a team meeting telling us players about what our main goal was to accomplish as a team this season. The main goal was to win the State championship that year. In the past, the softball team have only made it to the State tournament but never won it. The coaches also told us that things were going to be different this season; such as, we were going to be working out to get in shape and we were going to work as a team and not individually. So, as the season started everything was going well. We all were working together and we built a strong bond with each other. When we would practice every day after school, the coaches would evaluate us to see who would be the best nine to start on defense and offense. While our first game was only two days away, the coaches met with all the players individually telling us our
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