Reflective Essay: The Women's March On DC

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I was compelled to write this when I heard a peer of mine say “You should just accept the things you can’t change” in regards to the women’s march on DC, this is so wrong though, you should change the things you can’t accept. It’s our first amendment right to protest, but the people that are trying to take that away are the same people that use the Bill of Rights to prove their points. Instead of ridiculing the uneducated people I will just try to educate them, on why women march, on why I march. Our president said that women who have had abortions should be jailed, but women feel they need abortions when the men that are told they can just “grab em’ by the pussy” decide to do just that. Oh, I’m sorry is that not ladylike of me? I’m just quoting my president. Let’s face it, men and women are NOT equal, but not only men and women, adults and children aren’t…show more content…
What about children? As a 15 year old girl, I have always been told that my opinions don’t matter because I’m too young to have one. When I tried to bring up this essay to my mother she told me the same thing, that lowering the voting age is ridiculous because those opinions don’t matter, that my opinion doesn’t matter, and that my opinion is wrong. How can an opinion be wrong? That’s kind of the definition of an opinion, it can’t be wrong. My opinion DOES matter, your opinion DOES matter, everyone’s opinion matters! The hypocritical part is that when we try to make our voices heard, adults tell us to “stop tweeting about it and actually try to make a change”, but when we do try and make a change our voices are silenced because we’re too young to have a voice. To directly quote my mother’s words to me “Whatever Hannah, just go tweet about it, MAYBE you’ll be heard” see the hypocrisy? The young people who can vote don’t because they’ve been trained that their opinions don’t mean
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