Reflective Essay : Writing A Decent

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Reflective Academic Paper Writing a decent essay can be as nerve wrecking, time consuming, and accompanied by many trail and errors as an art project. First you have to generate an idea, which can be the biggest challenge. Then you have to decide on what detail to incorporate and then correct placement for it. You start throwing colors and shapes together in hope that it will transform into a pleasing design. This all takes times, so being challenged to create art work, whether it be an essay or painting, in sixty minutes becomes even more nerve wrecking and mind boggling. After last week’s timed writing practice, I was able to experience the dreadful event of producing an art work, which in my case was an essay, on the spot. Having this challenge has helped me identify several techniques that need improvement, but also gain awareness of what writing areas I comprehend.
Let’s start by recognizing the first area in need of improvement, my introduction. We have been taught that every introduction needs background information, an attention getter, and a thesis before tossing views on to the reader. However, my introduction failed to comply with two of those basic requirements. I did not provide the reader with an interesting hook but instead forced the lame one sentenced background on how, “it is expected [in college] to work in collaboration with other fellow class/work mates,” right before my listed thesis. With two years of college experience, I should be able to craft an

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