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Tutorials necessitate that I begin work on assignments far earlier and make more progress than I normally would if I was not required to do so. I work best under pressure, so I usually do not begin assignments until immediately before they are due. I am thankful for tutorials for forcing me to change my behavior in some ways, yet I am still fundamentally the same: I don’t begin my work for tutorials until immediately beforehand. My essay writing process is just split between two instances of repeating the same habit. I find it very difficult to not write an essay all at once; stopping and starting work on it is jarring to me, and I often feel like I lose my momentum or train of thought. My writing can even alter depending on when I work on it, so I prefer to write assignments all at once, but this can be somewhat absurd when faced with longer or more elaborate assignments. I feel like the result of my procrastination is most evident in my A3, specifically page 3 and onward. The third page is a full page of text with no breaks. It is one paragraph, but it neither begins nor ends on the page. In my graded returned version, there are two suggestions for paragraph breaks. My procrastination leads me to become tangential and heedless of structure, yet it also forces me to write in sustained periods of time with my complete attention and dedication. My sustained writing in one sitting can often lead to my favorite discoveries and writing precisely because I become tangential and “heedless of structure,” focused instead on ideas--furthering my current ideas and developing new ones I would never have thought of otherwise. Because of my tangential propensity, in my A4 tutorial I had at least a page of paragraphs that were barely connected to my thesis which I ultimately scrapped. I could not include them in that specific essay because they were not relevant enough, yet they were interesting claims which I would have enjoyed exploring further. For my A5, I had the opportunity to do so, which led to what I consider my best written and most interesting claims (this is not a coincidence: they are my best written because they

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