Reflective Essay Writing

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This course has helped me excel in my writing technics. I have learned many skills that will help me in future college writing assignments. The course goal enabled me to focus on what was important for writing a successful essay. Some of the skills I learned are writing for different audiences and genres, using evidence critically to support arguments, composing in multiple forms of media, and using appropriate writing processes both individuals and collaterally. As I have reached many of parts of these goals I do have a few areas that I could still improve upon, one being critically reading and interpreting evidence.
Course goal one is to be able to “compose for different audiences, purposes, and genres.” Through this semester each assignment required us to focus on different audiences and genres. I have never written papers like the ones assigned this semester. Our third paper was a research essay; I have written one of these before but never in APA formatting like this one required. The genre of research can be very difficult if you do not commit the needed time. As writing this essay I focused on writing to a scholarly and professional audiences. I choose the topic of vaccines which made the content of this essay advances due to the medical terminology and information involved. The purpose of this essay was to inform my audience about vaccines and the harm of not vaccinating children. An example of informing parent about the harms of not vaccinating is in part two
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