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In the grand game of life there is always a simple question; where is the end, where is the beginning? How will my journey effect my life and will it affect it in a positive manner. For me this began in the 1301 classroom where the discussion of English essays where the main topic. For someone such as myself, the thought of writing sent chills down my neck. This is mainly due to my aversion to the English language that I have struggled with for so long. That brings not only me but anyone who struggles the same to think about how something such as composition will affect the future. By taking composition I have come to realize that it is a much needed ability. Composition is used everywhere from home to the workplace, whether it be an essay to an email. Saying so I have come to terms that I am terrible at it, and that has made me try harder to understand and use it in a professional manner. To start my composing process I try to choose a location with minimal noise because of my ADD, and with minimal distractions it lets me think hard about the topic. After I have the proper location I start the process by thinking about the topic at hand and if I have any experience. Once that the thesis must be composed and there I have begun writing an essay. That is the process that I have learned to make a well-planned and thought out essay. When it comes to writing a person needs to be well versed in it so that they may bring the topic that they choose towards the reader.
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