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As a young girl, I loved to write and read books, middle of junior high school was when I lost my touch with writing. Before Writing 1100 I hated writing, it was one of the things I used to hate the most. That was mainly because I had a tough time putting my thoughts into a paper. Although I felt that writing wasn't my best subject, I still use to get okay grades on essays I was assigned back in junior high and high school. Things changed for me when I had two writing classes in college, I realized I was not a good writer. I knew I was not good at writing when I had to take a remedial writing class my first semester of college. Writing in the Public Sphere 1100 changed how I feel about writing, Although, in this course, it was a lot of stress and excessive assignments I can say that having all of the writing assignments helped me with improving myself as a writer. My skills with MLA formatting, citing and analyzing readings have improved. I also learned how to summarize well. In this course I have written six journals, two essays, a research paper, and some free-writes. Now that I am creating this portfolio, Reflecting on my writing now, I would say that the there was a lot of work assigned, and these assignments were somewhat repetitive and that’s why my skills have gotten better because I didn't lose touch of the skill I was taught for this course.
I feel that I have improved a lot from how my writing was to as well as everything I was struggling in at the beginning and

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