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My time spent in my writing 120 class has allowed me to to utilize my abilities as a writer in such a way that I have not yet experienced. I, Joanna Valentine, a college sophomore, consider myself to be an acceptable writer; however, I was given numerous challenges during the duration of this course. I was allowed the opportunity to use writing techniques such as: a memoir, rhetorical analysis, creating a blog review with a self-made visual chart, and incorporating “new media” within my text; thus, practicing such techniques has allowed me to grow not only as a student, but as a writer. I believe it is important to have such college courses because it allows us to expand our knowledge as individual writers, it also improves not only a writer's abilities, but a readers as well, as I now have the knowledge to identify what writing techniques are being exercised within a text and what I am supposed to understand within an article, novel, or review. I have learned throughout the course that “good writing” is far more than the length of a text, whereas, it is the connection being made between the writer and the reader. Allowing students to understand the importance of transmitting information between the writer and the reader is, in my opinion, good writing.
I’ve demonstrated good and effective writing several ways throughout the course of this class. My first major assignment of writing 120 was a memoir dedicated to a form of new media that has changed and or affected my

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