Reflective Essay on Assessment and Management of Urinary Incontinence

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REFLECTIVE ESSAY ON ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF URINARY INCONTINENCE INTRODUCTION Incontinence is one of the major problems faced by the elderly. Nurses can play a significant role in discovering continence problems (Lea Urinary incontinence is the unintentional passing of urine. It is a very common problem and is thought to affect more than 50 million people in the developed world.(NHS.UK). To identify the problem and provide necessary treatment at the early stage, a thorough physical assessment is necessary. In my placement area I came across many residents using incontinence pads, urinary catheters and incontinence sheaths. I understood that, incontinence was a major problem among the elderly and it made me select…show more content…
When I started my placement , Mrs . X who was suffering from Parkinsonism and dementia was on Indwelling urinary catheter for the management of urinary incontinence. Adhering to the results from the literature review I planned for initiating several steps to control incontinence in Mrs. X. My mentor was always with me with full support and guidelines. Fluid management was the first step started. An input output chart was kept and well maintained. Then steps wre also taken to manage constipation. Exercises were the last method practiced and the final result was really appreciable as she got a great reduction in the incontinence rate. FEELINGS After the experience I felt so glad and proud to myself as it was a great success towards its end. In the beginning, during the time of planning I thought it may be bit difficult for a patient with parkinsonism and dementia to make follow our instructions and continue till the end of this practice. But when we started the programme her response was so nice that she found very cooperative and

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