Reflective Essay on Negotiation

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Reflective Essay on Negotiation Introduction Negotiation is a fact of life.We discuss a raise with our manager, we try to agree with a stranger on a price for his goods . Everyone negotiates something every day. This paper discusses my natural preferences for influencing tactics, my views on negotiation compared to my prior knowledge, my future work on negotiation and some opinions about the role play activity. My natural preferences for influencing tactics At the preparing time I read over different types of influence tactics and the ‘Exchange’&’Rationality’ is what I chose to use first. Later the using of ‘Emotional appeal’ is purely based on the character I play - Pat Taylor -a senior worker who has two young grandchildren…show more content…
Bargain in a store ,convincing a friend to take part in a ball game is all about negotiation, the utility of influence tactics may occur in many times and I shall seize every opportunity to practice my negotiation tactics. Moreover, I will pay more attention on different tactics especially those I’m not familiar with. The utility of different influence tactics would lead me to a better outcome in a negotiation. Do the role play one more time When I finished my negotiation with two Dale, I regret that I use the wrong tactics.With Dale I, a weak opponent, I should use ‘Coalotion building’ to achieve a higher level outcome such as no using of safety glasses anymore . Because when Dale is in a weak leadership, a group will do better than the individual ,which would bring Dale much more stress and make he compromise more easily. As to Dale II, a strong and tough opponent, the combination of ‘Pressure’ and ‘Coalotion building’would be a better way.I should threat Dale about our unsafe working environment with the company of my six-people group because the safety glasses make us take more chances.And I should use my two grandchildren as ‘Pressure’ instead of ‘ Emotional appeal’ based on the reason that Dale II seemed to care more about the company rather than the worker himself. The most interesting part The role play activity is really helpful to my daily life and future career.The most
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