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Reflection Competency in Communication Skills This reflective essay is based on my experience as a health care assistant in the operative theatre working as a circulating nurse for a vascular access list. It will also highlight the important aspect of communication within the theatre practitioners when working with patients who are under local or general anaesthetic. I will explore a critical incident and also reflect on my own personal experience. I aim to use this experience to bring out the different forms of communication, the potential barriers of communication and its consequences in the clinical setting. Gibbs Reflective model (1988) is what I have chosen to guide my reflective process, as it incorporates the stages of…show more content…
Evaluation is the third stage of Gibbs model of reflection and requires me to state what was good and bad about the event. While reflecting back on the incident I felt that there was one thing which I could have dealt with differently and also some aspects which demonstrated good practice. On the first hand, this incident made me realised that I was part of the team and that I was also involved in positioning and preparing the patient prior to surgery, therefore I had a responsibility to find out from the patient if he had any concerns. On the other hand, I should have communicated to the patient, explaining what I was about to do maybe he would have had the opportunity to raise his problem with the shoulder before lifting his arm. The Health Professions Council (HPC 2008) clearly states that it is the responsibility of an operating department practitioner to ensure that effective communication occurs when delivering patient care. In addition, Psychologist Helmreich, R. (2000) said, `better communication’ is being the most useful way of reducing errors. Stage four of Gibbs is an analysis of the event, where it encourages the reflector to make sense of the situation. This assignment helped me identify two things. The first is the two types of communication namely verbal and non-verbal and secondly is the communication barriers. Non-verbal communication involves gestures, posture, facial expressions, and body language (Types of Communication
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