Reflective Evaluation on Preparing to Teach Essay

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Reflective evaluation on ‘Preparing to teach’ "It is common for reflection to be treated as if it were an intellectual exercise - a simple matter of thinking rigorously. However, reflection is not solely a cognitive process; emotions are central to all learning." (1998: 194) Boud and Walker. I agree with the quote above as reflective practice is looking at what I have learned and how I can make use of what I have learned in my teaching practice. In this assignment, I will discuss what I have been taught and how I have incorporated professional terminology and a variety of teaching tools; to see how I can manage many styles of learning and adapt my teaching to be able to plan, prepare for and provide for the individual learners…show more content…
There have also been a vast number of occasions to learn new techniques and theories during lectures and various observations. Through my time in lectures, as well as learning, I have observed three tutors and have picked up various styles and techniques from them. I have seen how the class react positively to each teacher and looked at why the students react this way. I can see that a lot of it comes down to knowing your learner and your environment and how to teach to everyone’s individual needs. The sessions are broken down to ensure that all students are engaged throughout. "The Trainers Pocketbook" 9th edition states, "The brain goes into auto shut-off after only 10 minutes if it is not given something to stimulate it” Townsend (2003) During these lectures I have learnt a lot about the first time you a meet a class and how to create the right balance. By ‘creating the right balance’ I mean to gain authority and the respect of your students but to also relax and have fun. It is in my opinion that if you are stressed and uptight it will pass onto your students and they will no longer enjoy what is being taught. By creating a positive atmosphere you encourage the students to be positive also. Through observing tutors both in and out of my teaching area, I have witnessed many different forms of teaching. I have had the fortune to observe a class behave one way with
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