Essay Reflective Evaluation on ‘Preparing to Teach’

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“When teachers possess the wisdom and resilience to adopt a reflective and objective view of their own practice, they also have the vital ingredients for enhancing their classroom practice.’’ (Jones et al. 2006: 45).

The learning gained over the module has been invaluable to my teaching practice, making me more effective, improving and developing my performance aiding CPD and PDP, recognising weakness and strengths, and assisting me in learning through self reflection and action. (Jones et al. 2006: i). The first phase of the module was a purposeful introduction to the context of the teacher in the teaching environment. Through learning about the role and responsibilities of the teacher, knowing your learner, and diagnostic
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The educational theory was the most interesting part of the learning since it explained a lot about my previous experience in education and how it will inform my teaching.

Practice as a result of undertaking the module. I aim to develop the theory in these three ways. Firstly I have been diagnostically assessing my students in a more formal way using questionnaires at different stages in the semester, this is to get to know the learners, to improve my role as a teacher, to enable me to write session plans based on them and to write differentiation into the sessions.

Secondly I have been closely observing other teachers, this is invaluable to see how much I have to learn, I have been adding their techniques to my session plans as best practice examples .

Thirdly the educational teaching theory has been in valuable, this has allowed me to use differentiation for the first time within session plans. I am having a little difficulty with this technique but I am aware of this and am working at strengthening this area of technique. Blooms taxonomy is excellent for writing session plans and for assessment to which can be used to support the further development of learners. It is cohesive when used together with Kolb’s learner types and styles for differentiation and for resources.

In conclusion, overriding is that during my teaching prior to this course, I realise that I have

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