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Topic 1:
Meeting the customer requirements (Oakland 2003) is a reasonable definition of quality.
Meeting the Customer’s requirements is a tough challenge as the requirements of customer are like the water of a tide; it’s likely to change at any point of time. So identifying the expectations of the customer and performing service in accordance to it is a task that requires great skill. But at the end of the day if customer’s expectation is met and the customer is satisfied with the product, we could say that quality has been achieved.
For example; A Customer wanting a house to be built for him had come to my uncle’s construction company. Based on his expectations and the trend that was in style during that time, our civil engineers
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Explaining my plans to the guide helped me get constructive ideas from him. It also helped me understand the priorities of my project better and define it clearly.
The second type of communication in this scenario is operational communication. This involves communicating about the progress of the project; passing information about its development and if there are any changes in priorities. During this stage, my customer (guide) was regularly informed about my progress. He would then suggest particulars that increased the overall quality of my work and made it a better product.
Through such communication, my project was successfully completed on time in the way my guide preferred. Excellent communication had become my key to increased quality, which in turn taught me how vital it was for the success of any given project.
Reference: Jussi Aromaki, 2011, Tips for successful communication with suppliers, ICT Standard Forum, , accessed 30 August 2013
Topic 3:
All employees must be committed to quality in order for an organisation to achieve sustained improvement (Oakland 2003)
Quality work and commitment from every single employee plays an important role in the growth of the company. An Organisation being well managed or having a constant improvement is the result of each and every employee attaining the quality level. On the other hand, lack of commitment from an individual employee could actually disturb the proper functioning of an
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