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Reflective Journal #1: Nurse Manager Position Transitioning into a nurse manager role has been a slow but sure process in my career. Being a nurse for 26 years, I transitioned into a leadership role about three years ago. Emergency room nursing has been my background for the past 22 years, then about five years ago began to think about leadership. As a resource to the staff, it was challenging trying to manage a full patient assignment. It was apparent that I was having trouble satisfying my coworkers in addition to patients; I also became heavily involved with committee work and projects around this same period. My current position is clinical flow coordinator, considered by the director to be an assistant nurse manager. Nurses lack…show more content…
As a leader, I know that it 's not being liked by the staff that counts, but how effective the leader is in their role (Hendren, 2010). As I look back on leaders I have had, the ones that took the time to know me in addition to encouraging my strengths pushed me the farthest. The staff wants to know someone is listening and also noticing what they are experiencing. The staff get frustrated to hear from someone who is behind a door or in meetings all day that you need to work harder or manage with less. Upper Management Requests I foresee upper management requests will continue to be the most difficult for me. I understand the budget to a limited degree and attend plenty of meetings in my current role to realize they are needed. There will be zero tolerance for bullying. The belittling I witness is intolerable. To continually pass the buck and kick those below you down until they are so unimportant and broken is no way to lead. There is no acceptable reason to cause others to feel powerless. Nurse managers are set up to fail when administrators are unclear about their expectations (Hendren, 2010). The administration, after setting expectations must expect and allow those people below them to do their job and trust they will do it well. Micromanaging is non-productive particularly if you believe in those you have hired. Let them shine! A

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