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Reflective Journal on Ethics Game Simulation Maria R. Brook HCS/478 Health Law and Ethics January 23rd, 2012 Caroline Etland, PhD, RN Reflective Journal on Ethics Game Simulation In this journal I will write my reflections on two ethical dilemmas presented in Ethics Game's online simulation, which has been designed to teach students how to make ethical decisions through a practical and repeatable decision model. Ethical Issue #1 Presented During my Shift Near the beginning of my shift last night, we admitted a 16-year-old mother, RB. She's in her tenth hour of labor now. Her parents have been with her, and they have chosen to limit the amount of medication and other medical assistance we've administered for personal reasons.…show more content…
I need to be intelligent: I need to identify the issue and the primary stakeholders in the situation. I need to be reasonable: I need to consider my duties, look for the greatest good, find fairness, and remember my role. I need to be responsible: I need to develop a balanced solution that meets the goals of previous step and communicate that decision. Decision-making Steps Taken to Address Issue #1 I Read patients chart to gather more information about the situation and received verbal report from another RN taking care of RB. I checked RB’s chart and I noticed that she has not been given any meds or been seen by the physician on duty, who is attending another emergency. My main priority was how best to assure that RB and her baby get appropriate and timely medical care. I also identified primary stakeholders in this situation: * Rachel Banks, the patient (RB) * Lily, Rachel's unborn daughter * Mr. and Mrs. Banks, Rachel's parents * MARIA, Shift Supervisor * Yvonne Napier, RN * The Shareholders My reasoning was to determine my duties required for my role as a leader. Those duties included: * Duty to support your staff's professional improvement * Duty not to accommodate parents who are harming their child * Duty to provide the best patient care possible My responsibility was to find a balanced solution that meets the goals of previous steps and communicates that decision. My decision was to ask the assigned nurse to

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