Reflective Learning Reflection

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Reflective learning and journal writing is essential and should be inculcated in learning at different levels of education. It is useful to students and professionals from various works of lives as it helps in identifying learning areas where students lack that needs to be addressed. Reflective learning helps students adopt learning strategies that would enhance active learning. It contributes to making sense of knowledge acquired, how it can be improved and applied in our daily lives. Reflection is used in decision-making at work (problem-solving or giving feedback as a manager), in the course of doing business, in schools before turning in an assignment and personally (inward reflection of negative attitude that…show more content…
The word ‘Pygmalion’ was first introduced to me in this unit. Watching the video provided in the media on Pygmalion effect gave me an in-depth understanding of what it meant. I noticed the manager’s attitude being displayed in two different scenarios when communicating expectations to his subordinate that certainly had impacts on his performance in completing the giving task. It made me self-aware of my attitude towards employees. As a manager, I am expected to ensure high work performance and productivity from employees most especially when communicating the expectation of a task that is realistic. ‘’Subordinates will not be motivated to reach high levels of productivity unless they consider the boss’s high expectation is achievable’’ (Livingston, 1969: pp. 101). If I communicate low expectations, the morale, work performance and confidence of enthusiastic employees will decrease. It will have an adverse effect on the organization. ‘’Indeed, the ability to recognize how one’s actions affect others is an important aspect of developing as a leader’’ (Harms and Roebuck, 2010: pp.
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