Gun Control Research Paper

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What worked for me in this assignment was researching and learning more about gun control. what i found challenging was that i didn 't know which sources to use for a majority of my information i used so i decided to break it up as evenly as possible. I don 't know how well i did on this assignment i do know that when i think i did great i tend to do bad. I feel sure about summarizing and compelling, but i don 't know if my research methods and strategies are working or are where they need to be. As i out pieces together the questions i have are will this sound as good to my peers as it does to me? Did i fully meet the requirements of my professors points of emphasis? Things along the lines of that. I would like to know
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The 2012 U.S. population was nearly 314 million. That may lead you to the mistaken impression that everyone is packing heat. In truth, however, the majority of Americans are still unarmed. “In a January 2012 Gallup poll, forty-three percent of Americans said they had a gun in their homes” (Adams, 957). That says how many guns are in the country, and how some of the guns are actually being held by less than half of Americans legally. This shows how important guns are in the American society. Thus, Americans may ask themselves these certain questions when talking about the gun control controversies: Are stronger measures needed to protect society? Do gun bans violate Americans’ Second Amendment rights? If firearms should be more tightly regulated? If it should be legal to carry a firearm in public? How the White House is trying to reduce gun violence? These are some of the questions that are hot topics when talking about the matter of gun control.
The federal gun legislation timeline shows how the evolution of laws to control firearm uses. The significance of this sources is that it shows how the gun control laws have been changed and manipulated throughout time in the United States. It starts from the year of 1791 where the U.S. Constitution is ratified. This timeline ends to this year which is, in response to recent massacres, Obama introduces proposals to tighten gun control laws. “The last significant
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