Reflective Listening

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Reflective Listening Skills Answers Why is reflective listening important to your work as a parenting practitioner? Describe what your inner attitude needs to be in order to listen helpfully. Reflective listening is a two-fold process which involves: 1. Really hearing and understanding what the other person is saying through words and body language, and 2. Reflecting feelings and thoughts you heard through your own words, tone-of-voice, body posture and gesture so that the other person knows he or she is understood. Reflective listening is important when working with parents, as we need to build up a trusting relationship, based on congruence, empathy, respect and positive regard for the parent. By using these listening…show more content…
If we were to sigh or not hear what the person is saying the caller would be aware we were not paying attention, likewise if our eyes were to deviate to the door or our body language show agitation or boredom (by stomping our feet, rolling eyes, etc) this could not only show the person we are not interested in what they are saying but also come across as very rude. This is a good reason why groups/work shops/one on ones are conducted in an environment suited for listening e.g. a closed room without people running in and out, etc. ▪ A good listening tool is the use of open ended questions, within these questions we can show we have been listening and also help parents and callers to become “unstuck” if they are going over the same information or lacking for what to say. This can also help to focus a call or conversation. An example of this could be seen when I was call taking and the parent talked a lot about a high number of issues, and once she had got this out of her system seemed to be stuck. I summarised what she had been saying to me and asked “I can see that you have brought a lot of issues today, I am wondering if there is anything particular you would like to focus on for this call?” This helped the parent to move on and speak about the main issue which was troubling her. Were I to of just reflected or paraphrased we may not have moved on to this step and the call may of ended with the caller feeling like they have
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