Reflective Look at Jean Watson

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Running head: Jean Watson A Reflective Look at Jean Watson Thomas Bair NUR403: THEORIES AND MODELS OF NURSING PRACTICE Theories contain concepts, definitions, models, propositions, and are based on assumptions rather than concrete facts (Nursing Theories, 2012). They are used as a tool for reasoning, critical thinking and decision making. The nursing profession uses theories as the framework and foundation for practice to strengthen our nursing knowledge. As we advance in our profession, theories are constantly tested to determine if they still have an applicable meaning or do they need to be modified. This paper will give an overview of Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring and its impact on our nursing…show more content…
We have serenity room for nurses which is a place where a nurse can distress and re-energize while patients benefit from quiet time which is a time for them to distress and re-energize. We also provide 5 minutes at the bedside to connect at a more personal level with patients and butterfly wishes which alert all staff that extra TLC is needed. Samples of how to apply leadership in a caring practice would be creation of scholarly articles to enhance nursing knowledge which shows deep caring for the nursing profession (Sitzman, 2007). The example contribution that this paradigm brings to nursing is a framework that can be applied to a variety of situations and patients. It places the patient in the perspective of the family, community, and culture. The patient should be the focus of practice rather than technology. Nurses have become very technically and scientifically competent but lost the sense of meaning in their work and find themselves more attentive to monitors and IV pumps (Kautz, 2011). This framework guides nurses through intersects of art, science, humanities, spirituality, and new mindbodyspirit medicine which is evolving to human centered in our nursing practice (Watson, . She bring us the art of caring that is compassionate which eases patient and family suffering promoting healing and dignity (Cara, 2003). For a nurse it promotes self-actualization and a sense of purpose for our work.
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