Reflective Nursing

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It can be frustrating for nursing students to apply theoretical knowledge to clinical settings without some proper guidance and support. The purpose of this paper is to critically reflect an incident which occurred in Week 3 of the N308 clinical placement in 2017. The paper will generate conclusions relating to personal learning outcomes by describing the observation of a senior nurse’s approaches to ethical care. From a nursing perspective, this incident illustrates the importance of effective communication, prioritization, and health education because disorganized care would pose a threat to patient’s safety and the fundamental principles listed in the CNA code of ethics (Canadian Nurses Association, 2017). The incident involves post-operative care for a post-op day 30 (total hip replacement surgery) patient who had comorbidities including COPD, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The nurse noted that the patient asked for pain medications on an hourly basis, refused to exercise or reposition in bed, and insisted to have pillows under her knees all the time. However, the nurse used some communication skills to calm the patient, convince her to do exercises, and remove the pillow under her knees. Furthermore, the nurse advised nursing students to practice prioritization and management skills in order to improve work efficiency and reduce stress (Nurse, personal communication, 2017). In summary, this incident was demanding for the nurse because a
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