Reflective Paper Outline Psy/202

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Reflective Paper PSY/202 OUTLINE * What was your family like? * Very connected with all members * Christian based values * Love to party together * What are some of your favorite memories? * Family vacations to Florida * Crawfish boils at grandmother's house * Church Christmas programs * Who were the important people in your life? * Mother is the number one person in my life * My partner will be second * My Aunts/Cousin * What were you like as a teenager? * I was quiet * Helpful * Class clown * What did you do with your friends? * Love to go out to eating * Clubbing * Dancing * What are your personal,…show more content…
I believe my personality stays the same. I am mostly cheerful all day. If something is bothering me, I try not to let it affect the people I am around at the very moment. Some of my friends say I hold my emotions back and do not express them enough. They say “just let it out!” I feel I do express my feelings. Also I feel something’s are better left unsaid. Others tend to view me as a “happy go lucky person”. They expect me to be that way every time we see each other. I guess that is the image I try to show everyone. Like everyone, I have bad days too. Sometimes I do not want to be bothered. Sometimes I want just a little time to myself to think and relax without people worrying me. I think these are not selfish thoughts or moods, I believe everybody needs a break from he or she everyday agenda. Some people feel I am the one they can lean on when things are going wrong for them. I appreciate the gesture, but some people will blow it out of portions. I am not a wizard that can make your problems go away over night. Sound advice is all I can offer a friend in need. After Reflecting on my past, present, and future I see and bright future for myself. I plan to reach for the stars. I will never let anyone hold me back from obtaining my goals. Also I plan to be my own character judge. These obstacles that I have face in the past will not hinder my future. Nor will I let it stop me. I am pressing on to see what God has for me. I have

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