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Importance of Academic Honesty This paper will explain the importance of academic honesty in students’ life. “Academic honesty means the performance of all academic work without cheating, lying, dishonesty of any kind, getting any unauthorized assistance and favors from anyone” (Valdosta State University). Academic honesty helps to motivate students to become better human beings. It is very important aspect of life to be honest with you. Academic honesty provides knowledge and skills as well as helps you to shape your personalities.

Academic honesty is to provide credit to those who worked for it not to those who cheat. Therefore, academic
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Learning what constitutes academic honesty is too important to leave to chance. Moreover, the foundations for such honesty are less and less likely to be brought into the academy by habits inculcated by the culture at large. Many distinguished institutions underscore the importance of academic honesty through an honor system, requiring each student to pledge that work submitted for a given assignment has been done without illegitimate assistance or unauthorized appropriation.

Many schools are now focusing on taking steps to reinvigorate their honor code policies and evaluate the chances of implementation of honor codes for the first time. According to McCabe, Trevino & Butterfield, 1999, “Recent research demonstrates that well-implemented honor codes can be effective in reducing cheating and maintaining standards of academic honesty and integrity”.


Solution of cheating culture is honor codes and techniques for academic integrity which are important parts of the solution. It is the responsibility of students as well as faculty and administration to establish an environment where honest students do not feel that they are at risk or disadvantage. “Just as cheating can become normalized at a school, so too can academic integrity efforts move the pendulum in the other direction and create a climate where cheating is not cool” (Callahan, 2005). Academic integrity and

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