Reflective Plan Examples

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My role on the Managing Global Health Challenge Delivery Course will be as follows:
· Ensure that each class addresses intended course competencies. Create a working document that highlights the weekly competencies/objectives targets. During each Wednesday weekly meeting, lead a portion of the meeting dedicated to reviewing the competencies and objectives vis-à-vis the content. In the team meeting following a course session, audit each session against this document and record any outstanding competencies. Within seven days, work with the Course Deliverer to develop a plan for how outstanding competencies will be addressed in future courses.
· Review last year’s power point slides, read all course articles, and watch all assigned videos
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· Take notes in each class session on all aspects of the session and share the notes with the team via Google docs at the end of each class. The notes will include interactions between the students and the lecturer, student questions and materials that were not fully understood by the students. T&L team members will add to the document by Wednesday’s post-class meeting to include any additional observations. The weekly Wednesday meeting, which follows each session, will be used as a platform to discuss what parts of the session worked well, which need to be improved for next year, and which materials should be replaced. We will also use this time to identify topics and examples that can assist students with their understanding of various subject matter for the next iteration of the course (for the audit). The participants in these meetings will be the Course Deliverer, T&L Manager and Teaching and Learning Fellow.
· Assist Course Deliverer by creating class examples that incorporate the NGO perspective of various business topics, such as Creating a Business Plan, SWOT Analysis and Implementation Plan. We will try to incorporate NGO points of view in two classes per month. Depending on the class content, the T&L Manager will create slides, incorporate examples into slides, and provide comments in-class, etc. The Course Deliverer will decide
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