Reflective Practice And Professional Development

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Reflective Practice and Professional Development
Assignment 1

This assignment will critically reflect on experiential learning episodes with further assistance from two critical friends, one who is a 20 year old male based in the outdoor sector and another from outside the outdoor sector who is 29years old also male but based outside the outdoor sector as his occupation is a university lecturer and corporal in the British army. it must be recognised that there may be a possibility that critical friends may be biased.

Critical friends are an effective way to gain an outsiders analysis of an incident, Kosta and Kalick 1993 state that "A critical friend as the name suggests is, a trusted person who asks provocative questions, provides data to be examined through another lens,and offers critique of a person 's work as a friend." (Costa & Kallick, 1993) My choice of critical friend has formed both my physical and social domains, critical friend (X) wil give an in-group perspective where as critical friend (Y) will give an out-group perspective, this then provides a varied perspective on the critical incident given.

Both critical friends were suggested to use the 4 I model (Hickman 2013) to give them a basis on which to help aid there reflective analysis, critical friend (X) was selected due to there opposed cognitive thought process to myself,CF X is a female which this then allows for a very diverse account to one that I would give myself which will supply a
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