Reflective Reflection

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As I reflect at the end of the semester on my work throughout the semester, I see that I have improved as a writer. I feel like I have overcome my weakness and have turned them into strengths that can be used in my future courses. Over the semester I have worked on different types of papers and have used major and minor writing processes. I have also became more familiar with the APA writing format. One of the major writing processes that I have used is prewriting. During this process I like to use an outline to organize my writing. This writing process has helped me write my papers more smoothly. Even though I really could not use an outline on all of my papers, for example the annotated bibliography. I could use an outline on the theory…show more content…
The risks I have taken in my writing process or in my final writing products over the course of the semester, is procrastination and not finding enough evidence. Procrastination has been a risk for me because I have waited till the last minute to do assignments. This has caused me to get lower grades on some papers. Not finding enough evidence has caused me to run out of things to say in my papers. This has caused my papers to be shorter than the length it is required to be. Taking risks in writing can be challenging and sometimes the outcome may not be what you want it to be. It could mean you are taking a gamble with your grade. Over the semester I have experienced this and realized what I need to improve on. When I experienced these risks I have learned from them. I hope to improve in the risks I took and will carry them when I take English next semester or once I transfer to a University. When I did the literary analysis assignment I did not have enough evidence throughout the paper. I lacked the length that my paper was supposed to be and it showed in my grade because I received a C on the paper. When I first started reading Siddhartha I really did not understand the author’s word choice and it was hard for me to understand the context. When we had to complete a literary analysis chart this gave me a better understanding of the context and helped me write my analysis paper about the book. When I did my annotated bibliography assignment I took a
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