Reflective Reflection

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It was a beautiful, bright May day as I casually and confidently strode into Sartell Middle School. I was in eighth grade and thoroughly enjoyed my relative seniority. The date was May 15th, and I was looking forward to another tranquil summer of biking around town and relaxing at the cabin. However, as soon as I greeted my friend Will and received a downcast look, I realized I was surrounded by similar somber faces. With a sullen expression, Will informed me that our classmate, Taylor, had killed himself. As I reflect on a haunting day, I realize the profound responsibility of educators. The sudden and unexpected loss of my classmate led me to believe that a teacher’s most important job is to provide emotional support for their students.…show more content…
Although I wasn’t close to him, I felt a degree of responsibility for his death. This year at graduation, our class honored Taylor by setting aside an empty seat during our commencement ceremony. Four years later, it was a chilling reminder of our classmate left behind. As 18-year-olds, we realized Taylor’s heartbreaking youth when he made his fatal decision. My brother, Theo, had recently finished sixth grade, and it dawned on me that Taylor was a mere two years older than Theo at the time of his death. Over my classmates and my High School careers, we found our passions and defined ourselves as individuals. As we grew together, we collectively accepted and embraced our differences. The empty seat made us realize how much Taylor had missed due to a decision he made as a kid. He should have walked the aisle with us as we celebrated our significant rite of passage. Instead, his family suffered another painful reminder of what could’ve been. As someone considering the profession of teaching, I know there will be kids like Taylor in my class. These children display warmth and happiness on the outside but conceal deep emotional pain inside. A teacher’s most important role extends far beyond coursework or disciplinary values. The most vital role of an educator is to provide a nondiscriminatory environment comfortable for everyone. This core belief hits home for me, and I will carry this into teaching. Knowing
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