Reflective Reflection In Social Work

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This weeks structured journal also was also like reflective journal because I felt like I had to take a step back and really analyze my session with my clients to explore if I have carried out any of the social work pitfalls that were mentioned in the work sheet. One of the pitfalls that I have learned in multiple sessions to draw back from and also realize when I’m performing it is the advice-giving vs the information giving. In being a social work it comes easy to tell a client what to do based on our own perception of the situation. But when a client is seeking advice I have discovered that it is better to explore with the client solutions and possible outcomes that they come up with on their own through my help. There was a moment…show more content…
My fear is that I might have taken that away from her. Although, I did receive a good response from her, but I can run into a situation in which a client won’t respond like she did or would have a different perspective on what my interrupting means to them. For example, they might think that I am rude and not listening to their problems in a depth. In previous seminar readings and classes, we have learned that it is always best to take some time after session to review and reflect on what happen. It is important to self-reflect in our responses as well. There have been cases where I have been able to stop myself from proceeding in committing the social work pitfalls. Learning to conceptualize these actions/mistakes has given me a bit more of awareness in what my responses could mean and how they can be perceived. It is important for me to learn from my past pitfalls and also play out what I should have done instead and also what should do next time in case I am in a similar situation. This a way I can recover to improve my skills as a competent social worker. I feel like it is also good for recovery to acknowledge that these pitfalls are common and we can best overcome them when learn from it. Looking into common pitfalls in social work, I feel that I tend to make these mistakes typically when I am nervous and anxious and in a new session with a client. When dealing with a client, I can be a bit impulsive in what I say because it feels “right” as I am
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