Reflective Reflection Of Reflective Practice

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The general trend for scholars was to either explain or expound on theories of the previous scholars but Professor of nursing Gary Rolfe (2001) designed a reflective model to simplify the learning cycle. This version of the reflective cycle was comprised of three questions that ask the reflective practitioner: What, So what, and Now what? (Rolfe 2001)The idea is that through these questions we gain a description of the situation ultimately leading to critic of the situation as well as the f knowledge that has been gained through this experience. Many scholars have written on this important topic over the years and these are just some of the important figures in the field of reflective learning/practice. A key thing to note is that not all…show more content…
Piaget proposes we have two processes when it comes to learning. He named them assimilation and accommodation. To Piaget, assimilation means incorporating new external experiences to fit into and assimilate to our old ideas and perceptions. So assimilation is the way in which the learner perceives and adapts to the information he has gained from his/her experience. This process occurs at the time when a learner is faced with unfamiliar information so they refer back to their previously learned information so as to make sense of the new information it. In contrast to this, the process of accommodation is the acquisition of new information from the learner 's environment and their altering of pre-existing ideas or concepts in order to accommodate this new information. This occurs when existing knowledge is not applicable to a new situation or experience, and needs to be adapted to cope with the new situation. The Accommodation process is essential because it is how we continue to interpret new ideas, concepts, and experiences. Piaget calls the knowledge that one gains through these processes schema. Piaget 's understanding was that assimilation and accommodation are co existent there is no one without the other. To assimilate an experience into an already existing schema, we first need to accommodate to the specifics of this experiences. An example of this would be A child seeing a zebra for the first time and calling it a horse. The child
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