Reflective Reflection On Reflective Practice

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Reflection is a form of personal response to experiences, situations and events. Reflective practice therefore is based on experience and instinctive learning that one may not aware of it until responded to the situation. It demonstrates how to combine with ones qualities and clinical knowledge and skills in order to .deliver safe and effective patient care. (Jones, 2016).Individuals reflects because issues arise that needs to be considered both before and after one performs. The piece of reflection is a great way to increase confidence and become a more positive and skilled professional. Reflective practice helps to improve the quality of care you give to patients and close the gap between theory and practice. As the essay unfolds, I will…show more content…
I tried my very best to make use of the agent and workmate around since Mr X only knew his mother tongue which made my assessments pretty difficult. The patient was included in the discussion wherever possible. My subjective data’s were not well established as patient had difficulties in conversing in other language. Barriers may lead message becoming inaccurate and therefore risks of wasting time by causing confusion and misunderstanding (Barriers to Effective Communication).
From my observation patient was in pain, distress, looked pale and dehydrated, hooked on monitors, on 3L oxygen via nasal prongs, saturation of 95% and needed many medical and nursing attentions. I started Panicking because patient was trying to tell me that something was wrong with him for quite a while but I was not able to understand him. As a result, he started to deteriorate. His sugar level decreased to 2.1mmol and blood pressure started to drop. I knew I had to administer bolus intravenous glucose 50%. Upon checking his intravenous site, cannula had accidentally come out. When I requested the intern on call, she took a while to respond and stated that she was busy attending to an emergency. The protocol states that nurses were not allowed to resite then (policy and procedure manual). Patient started to have cold sweats and was getting confused. I knew if I had to wait for the intern then patient would collapse. With my community skills, I picked up my kidney dish
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