Reflective Report 2080 Placement

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This goal was implemented in an effort to build upon skills that were developed in the previous 2080 placement. I felt I often left a session without pushing the client hard enough or obtaining sufficient data to make a judgement on their how they went.
However throughout this placement I instigated an emphasis on this area and found that I improved my data collection skills by preparing data collection tables to record responses. For example when implementing Semantic Feature Analysis (SFA) initially I planned to simply write the responses on a blank sheet, this lead to miss interpret post session. I then prepared a table that allowed space to write the responses for each semantic feature. Therefore via implementing these strategies I was able to achieve this goal and feel very confident in my ability to record data in a session.
In addition to this I developed contingency plans however lacked the online interpretation skills to know when to implement them and as a result relied on my CE. This goal was later reassessed and I began implementing down contingencies without my CE but not with up
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I feel I was able to improve and strengthen this clinical skill dramatically throughout the placement. When considering my previous paediatric caseload placement rapport building was rather simple in comparison to the adult caseload I experienced more recently. Rapport with children was easily achieved through appealing activities however this is clearly not transferable to adults. Despite this I believe I adapted to the case load rather well, as illustrated through the rapport built with my client who stated they enjoyed the therapy I implemented and were clearly comfortable in my presence. By the end of placement this particular client expressed emotion for my departure, which was an extremely rewarding feeling to have built a strong rapport in such a short
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