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Service Design and Transformation Reflective Report Introduction: According to Boud et al (1985), reflection refers to an opportunity to recall an experience, dwell upon it and evaluate it. As part of the assessment for ‘Service Design and Transformation module’, my group and I had to choose a service that needed change and help to redesign the service by applying approaches such as; Toyota Production System(TPS) , Plan Do Study Act(PDSA), Spaghetti and Value Stream mapping, as we have being taught in lectures. Aims and Objectives: This essay aims to give a reflective account of my contribution to the presentation; how my group and I planned the presentation and how well I worked with the group. All these will be analysed by…show more content…
At the end of our first meeting each member of the group was comfortable and happy with their role, which is a key to having a successful team. The fifth stage of the team model is ‘implementation’. Timing is very crucial at this stage. My group members were much disciplined and we all performed our roles accordingly. In our second group meeting, we decided that all work must be sent to a group member who will be designing the PowerPoint slides. In the third meeting each of us critically looked through the information to make sure we agree with them and that the information is supported by evidence from reputable authors. The only problem my group experienced was time management. Some of the group members come really late to meetings which causes delay in doing the work. The sixth stage is ‘high performance’. At the end of the whole group project we were able to surpass our expectations, because we all put a great effort and practice into the group work and when we presented our ideas we were excellent. My role in the presentation: My part of the presentation is slide 7, 8, 9, 10, & 20. Below, will be a brief discussion of the slides and I would also attach a copy of the PowerPoint slides in my report highlighting my slides. The current state map: As a group we designed the current state map which serves as a baseline for improvement and the creation of the intermediate and future state map of the antenatal journey. In the current state map, once a patient

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