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1. OVERVIEW The report puts across a non-bias personal reflective contribution to an event planned and delivered by Event Management students from Greenwich University. It sets out the rationale behind the event in an introduction and briefly discusses the roles of group members in the focus. Through out the focus, the report reflects on incidents leading up to the delivery of the event, and through a critical discussion, points out possible improvements. The discussion refers to aspects of communication, marketing and sponsorship; which have been taken as lessons prior to going into the event industry. There are references to literature and venue site visits which cement theories behind event management in relation to the event. 2.…show more content…
The author took upon the task of taking minutes when they met once a week for two hours to review, update and discuss issues concerning the event. There was regular input from most members to every aspect of the event, in particular volunteering, health and safety, creative student participation and budget reductions. To an extent, without underpinning complete authority to the group, the author chaired the meetings and attempted to push forward agendas. Please refer to Appendix 7 (Sample of Minutes). The enthusiasm and vision shared by all during preparation of the event made the group a key stakeholder (Allen, 2005). Tasks such as marketing, sponsorship, budgeting, etc. were divided amongst group members in accordance to their individual experience; where, some members were able to show leadership, enterprise, motivation and self discipline with deadlines. Other members showed lack of enthusiasm and were bone-idle when reporting back to the group; creating segregation from the start. The attendance at meetings varied every week with some members not been able to attend due to prior engagements; which often brought delays to decisions with budgets for marketing. The pressure was evident in delivering the event on time, paying for event costs and acquiring enough football teams to enter the tournament; but positive exchange of views and different ways of thinking amongst group

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