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University Of

BA (Hons) : Business Studies
Module Name : Thematic independent studies : Reflection Report

Module Teacher : GOPI NATH
Student Name : Mokbul Hossain
Student Id : 000762547

This report will elaborate regarding the essay of Thematic Independent Study’s productivity and process of work. Moreover, how the essay idea come about and clarifying as to what I have learned about this essay.

Title of Essay:
How to perform Commercial bank in Banking Sector.
Explanation of Essay 1
Essay one was explained the truly in relation to banking industry which is very impressive site at this time in the world to control the economy. It was
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Since I was kin to the accounting and finance, on the top of that I wish to pursue a career in the financial sector, I came to choose a topic in my interested area. Apart from the academic knowledge that I built from this course, it developed my communication skills with the writing, analysis, discussion and interpreting. Moreover I have been inspired by visiting to the British Library as a visitor student while I was able to discover the fact; knowledge does not limit only to know it also includes where to get it. Therefore my point of view Thematic Independent Studies is the best way to asses a student’s knowledge. I must talk about the time limitation that I had of doing this research. Due to the time fact I had to work with only few years’ financial data. If I were able to collect and analyse more data I could have made a better outcomes with presentation and arrangement.
This report will describe reflection of the essay. And it is also examine as to the performance of commercial banks which is show the significance core of banks. It’s also makes an evaluation between theoretical and analytical.

Research Log 1

Time Spent
Search Terms
(# of records)
Evaluation of material (how/what will it contribute to your essay or support your argument?)
2.5 hrs
Loyalty programs

Read a large number of articles

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