Reflective Report On Alternative Education Placement Essay

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Reflective Report on Alternative Education Placement
The Context
There are a large number of benefits to children having the opportunity to take learning outside the classroom. During the alternative placement, I had the chance to see first-hand some of these benefits. The setting for my alternative placement was the National Coal Mining Museum for England. It is based at Caphouse Colliery, a closed coal mine in Overton.
The National Coal Mining Museum for England, or NCMME is a fascinating museum that investigates coal mining through the ages, it also explores different aspect of a miner’s life. The NCMME website summarises what the aims of the museum is. “The National Coal Mining Museum for England aims to keep coal mining alive by collecting and preserving the industry’s rich heritage, creating enjoyable and inspiring ways to learn for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.” (NCMME, 2016)
For the duration of the placement we were based within the Educational offices for the time we spent there and were able to assist in various activities and tasks, for example, generating ideas of what schools would find useful for in the classroom for before and after the workshop sessions. We had a lot of other opportunities to observe the various workshops that are offered to schools, as well as to shadow a school during a full day’s trip. This included the hands-on underground tour, a Rocks and Fossils workshop and chance for the children to explore the above ground
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