Reflective Report On Negotiation

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Negotiations: Reflection Report Negotiations are pivotal in everyday life; however, it is in politics and business where negotiations have the capacity to shape the history and economic future of a society. This reflective report is a citation of one of negotiation simulation I have been part of my organization in recent month. This reflective report will first appraise current learning against personal experience in a multi-party business negotiation. Specifically, I compare and contrast the various emotions, relationships and coalitions formed in day one and day two of the negotiation. The outcome will then be measured for its value and ‘success’ from my perspective as the spokesperson for the employee representation group. To…show more content…
However, the nature of the negotiation, being a simulation, made it difficult to measure the veracity of the anchoring effect since the payoffs (70%, 80%, 90% and 100%) were known fixed variables. The general information provided explicitly stated the MGMT and CONTR conflicting stance on the integrative issue, so neither parties gained valuable information from the first or counter offer. Furthermore, following negotiations could not be made in increments less than 10% so my conjectured capacity to frame and control the negotiation was greatly inhibited. Intra-group conflicts emerged in the last joint conference, consequently evoking apprehension and vulnerability. The CONTR’s outrageous proposal, to accept a supposed $7.00 share price at the expense of all other parties, seemingly appealed to the MGMT. MGMT also hinted thoughts of compromising support for USA based employment in exchange for a longer-term management contract. Cohesion within the coalition quickly deteriorated, and increasing pressure was put on my role to compromise with CONTR for a better joint outcome. Simon’s (1979) notion of ‘satisficing’ for an acceptable but inferior payoff, in the face of uncertainty, became apparent in my own negotiation attempts. I left Day One verbally assenting to 80% USA employment, a markedly different result to my own target value. Day Two: Post-new information The last day of
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