Reflective Report On The Team 's Member History, And How The Group Formed

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Reflective Report This report is a reflective summary of the recent assignment for SAE entitled: [official name for the assignment] Structure The structure of this report will begin with some background on the task that was assigned, the team’s member history, and how the group formed. Based on this backdrop, the report will continue to explain some thoughts and realisations about the assignment, its progress, the team as a whole and the members individually. The report will end with conclusions about the project focusing on what we did well and what we could have done better. Background The group’s assignment was to develop a business plan for a start-up based in the “creative media industry” (SAE Guidelines business plan). The…show more content…
The business model we decided on was based on providing a web application that allowed audio equipment shops, studios and audio professionals (collectively referred to as ‘service providers’ within the project) to advertise and sell their services to consumers. The model is similar to that of ‘Just Eat’ or ‘eBay’ but designed and targeted at ‘audiophiles’, hence the name ‘WavePhile’. The concept for the business grew out of our initial idea to connect session musicians in local areas, however after the group discussed this we decided to include other services such as studio and equipment hire – we realised that from a technical standpoint offering one of these features could be easily modified to include many. However we were also conscious overcomplicating the design of the system. Using ‘Reverbnation’ as an example of a system that is saturated with features, or suffering from “featuritis” [citation required?]. We did not want this for our app. So we focused on a few services that were similar enough that the implementation of them would be fairly straight forward, and therefore increase usability. Team member roles The roles within the team were not formally decided. Initially, the workflow was fairly chaotic initially as each member brought with them what they had been working on and there was considerable overlap. For example both Geoff and I had brought our own versions of the SWOT analysis. Hayley
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