Reflective Report On The Team 's Member History, And How The Group Formed

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Reflective Report This report is a reflective summary of the recent assignment for SAE entitled: [official name for the assignment] Structure The structure of this report will begin with some background on the task that was assigned, the team’s member history, and how the group formed. Based on this backdrop, the report will continue to explain some thoughts and realisations about the assignment, its progress, the team as a whole and the members individually. The report will end with conclusions about the project focusing on what we did well and what we could have done better. Background The group’s assignment was to develop a business plan for a start-up based in the “creative media industry” (SAE Guidelines business plan). The requirements of the assignment included creating a detailed business plan with financial information and to present the idea to the class. The group was made up of four members Geoffrey Angus, Hayley Pollock, Stephan Horvath and myself. The other members had already formed together so I was the last member to join the team. My decision to join this team was somewhat strategic as I felt that the members from other team in the class had not been as focused throughout the year so I stood a better chance of developing a good idea with this team. The members of this team had not worked together to any great extent before this assignment. We did have brief contact previously while working on a [mock non formative assessment] on the subject of feminism,

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