Reflective Statement

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Reflective Statement

Question: Question: How has your understanding of cultural and contextual Considerations changed as a result of the oral presentations/discussions?
Work Used: The Quilt – Ismat Chugati
In the interactive orals we discussed about how “Lihaaf’’ i.e. The Quilt was eye opening piece of writing in the literature by Ismat Chugtai. In the 20 th century, Ismat Chugtai was an integral part of the Progressive Writers’ Movement. She talked about women’s oppression in her writings.
While discussing about homoeroticism, we also talked about how women were harassed in those time and what all injustice played role in their life even about the inferior status they had, social and economic status as well as sex. Under those circumstances Ismat
Chugtai raised
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It was the biggest injustice to Begum Jaan. which led her to take some uncertain steps. Her husband being homosexual wasn’t her fault. Begum
Jaan was punished for a something that she was not guilty of. Previously, whenever a girl took birth, it was considered as bad luck of the family. They were given the least priority in the society. For everything a girl was blamed. According to ‘shastras’ a girl has a new birth when she gives a birth to her child. “One did not know when Begum Jaan’s life began- whether it was when she committed the mistake of being born or when she came to Nawaab’s house as his bride” She had not committed any of those mistakes. She was obeying her parent’s decision.
She was following the norms of the society. On the other hand, Nawaab never paid attention to
“The frail beautiful Begum” She never got that attention which a woman deserves and desires

about. Begum’s sexual fantasies were neglected by Nawaab and her priceless beauty was
“wasted away in anguished loneliness.”
As per the patriarchy of men’s superiority, she obeyed Nawab every now and then.
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